Reduce human-time spent on shallow work.

Speed is important

Put your business on autopilot

DoubleGeek develops web and mobile application, IoT devices and bots to reduce human-time spent on low-value repetitive tasks and shallow work.


We have already saved 3 million man hours and counting—
for enterprises, manufacturers, and hospitals...

Human resources are expensive

Let machines do the work

In this age of technology, process automation is already reshaping the workforce for industries and enterprises. It takes over low-value repetitive tasks and rote work, so your employees can focus on what lead to the growth of the company.

It does not cost a bomb

Trust us

We work with companies of all sizes. Our previous clients tell us that we are at least 30% cheaper and deliver a quality system that works.

Working with the best

That's what our clients say

We’re a collaborative group of more than 20 problem-solvers based in India, who run on relentless curiosity and strategic creativity. We love agile development, machine learning, building IoT devices and Butter-Chicken.

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